Narrative Therapy

Are you carrying around a story that is stuck on repeat? Are you ready to change a narrative? Do you have an untold story that is asking for a soft place to land?

As a Narrative therapist, I see you as the expert of your own life. I believe you know your stories best and how your experiences have impacted you. Together we explore your stories, strengths, and values, illuminating strong stories that already exist. I am here to witness your stories, be curious, and deeply listen so you can be safely heard.

Like having a second person traveling in a canoe with you, you are steering your journey. I am here with an extra paddle to create more momentum, go further, and be here when you don’t want to revise your story alone.

As we revise old stories we make less room for fear and failure and more room for new versions of stories to emerge.

Is there something you cannot accept? Something you have resisted? This can show what you value, what you protect, and what you fight for.

In these therapeutic conversations, there are no assumptions, no labels, no categories. Instead of assuming, I continually seek to ask. The meaning you make of your experiences is what matters and can be fluid.

What does a session look like?

Even if you are unsure where to start in your stories, we can have a conversation. We can sit in the unknown. Here are some possible questions to launch into a conversation:

  • What are your hopes for this conversation?
  • What stories are nourishing or healing you?
  • Who have you always been?
  • Who would not be surprised about this?
  • Tell a story about a time in the rain
  • Is there something that needs to be disrupted or unsettled?
  • Does society give some expectations and assumptions that you do not accept?
  • What have you been un-learning?
  • What are you a keeper or care-taker of?
  • What are you reclaiming?

Follow your inner compass as we wander through stories. If one of my questions makes you think of a different direction you need the conversion to go, please steer the conversation there. Sometimes the strong stories need a slower pace to emerge. We can always float back in a conversation and wind deeper into a place where there are gems to be uncovered.

I view people as multi-storied and fluid, your stories don’t have to be rigid and static or in a permanent category. Your big ideas, big feelings, big questions, little nudges, unconventional perspectives, and unique experiences are all welcome here.

I invite you to adventurous conversations about all that is meaningful to you including What feels purposeful, your response to the pandemic, your spiritual journey, genders, sexuality, faith, and things you cannot accept. Other people who help you tell your stories are always welcome to join us as well.

Sometimes the work needs to move, we can take therapy off the couch. Let’s wander in the forest or float on paddleboards.

You steer your story, let’s begin!

Emily Bostrom
Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work
University of Melbourne

Narrative therapy session in the studio, on a video chat or walking on trails:
1 hour, $120

Narrative therapy session on a paddleboard:
1 ½ hours. Includes the use of a
paddleboard and pfd. $180

Narrative Therapy + Touch for Health:
2 hours, $190

Contact me to discuss locations for narrative therapy on trails and paddleboards

Crisis lines may be more suited to current trauma and violence.

Here are some contact numbers for urgent situations:


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