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What is Body Management?

Body Management is a technique Al Berry developed in Sunnybrae 40 years ago. It is a branch of Touch for Health and works on the structural, muscular and digestive systems. We use specialized kinesiology, pressure points, muscle testing, Chinese medicine and meridians to gently align the muscular-skeletal system and internal organs. This is effective for sciatic pain and many aspects of health and wellness. Al trained his neighbour, Trish Probyn to do this 25 years ago and now she has mentored me. I am honoured to continue their work and legacy helping people in the Shuswap in their wellness journey.

Invest In Your Health

Narrative Therapy:
1 hour $120

Narrative therapy floating on a paddleboard:
1 ½ hour $180

A counseling approach that explores your stories in ways that make you stronger

More About Narrative Therapy

Relaxation Massage:
45 minutes $60

A full body massage to move lymph, detox, and boost immunity

40 minutes $50

Applying pressure and massage to reflexes in the feet that support zones in the body

Touch for Health:
1 hour $70

A balancing method to illuminate priorities and blocks as a way to align muscles, meridians and the mind

Body Management:
40 minutes $50

Using Al Berry’s methods, aligns the muscular-skeletal system, inner organs, and lymph reflexes for head-to-toe wellness.

Combos to compound the benefits of the session

Body Management & Reflexology:
90 mins, $100
Body Management & Lymph massage:
90 mins, $110
Narrative Therapy & Touch for Health:
2 hours, $190

Begin a bodywork session with 45 minutes of Narrative therapy:
Add $90

Cancellation Policy: Life happens, please give me as much notice as possible to cancel or reschedule a session, as there may be someone on the waitlist wanting that time.

Meet Emily

I am the daughter and granddaughter of people who lived in northern countries, usually had a sauna in the backyard, enjoyed living simply, showing care to their family, their community, and to themselves. I stand on the shoulders of these generations, grateful for their choices that support me in my experience of life.

I grew up in the tiny town of Pemberton, British Columbia, spending most days riding horses and being in the wilderness. The values I absorbed as a child continue to influence my life now as I still value honest work, staying playful, and time outdoors. Salmon Arm is my home, a place where I love to lose track of time in my favorite places with my favorite people.

Nature plays a pivotal role in my life, both professionally and personally. Rock climbing and traveling over the past 20 years has forged deep friendships and cultivated a mindset of enjoying the movement in the moment and an awareness of the influence of our surroundings.

I studied psychology at University, always with the focus of being a counselor. I was also interested in Touch for Health at that time, as I would go for appointments in Salmon Arm with Trish Probyn and started asking her to train me in her gentle effective methods. I started working for the Canadian Mental Health Association in 2004 and kept that interest in blending bodywork with the mind.

In 2016 I finished my Touch for Health training. I met some incredible mentors in the bodywork field and started working with these methods. I appreciated the subconscious and intangible work that happens in the mind-body connection but still felt that this work needed a bit more of a verbal component. I first heard of narrative therapy in 2009 and realized the ideas really do resonate with how I think about life as fluid stories weaving meaning with experiences and being competitive against problems. I started taking narrative courses and then completed a Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work degree and continue to connect with a tapestry of narrative practitioners around the globe.

In my work, I am able to offer contributions from my own lived experience of moving through a contested divorce. Navigating these experiences has given me a distinct lens of heightened insight into the subtle nuances at play.

Blending methods of bodywork and counseling bring together some of my favorite things: stories, play, the intangible, and the deep and delicate grit of life. I enjoy the creativity of crafting therapeutic conversations with people as they explore their stories and am honored each time I am invited to be a part of the journey.

Why Gravity

Gravity creates momentum, it anchors us to where we’re supposed to be.

We don’t have to do anything, it just exists. It makes the moon cycle around the earth, pulling the tides and growing gardens without us doing anything. We can notice these cycles, lean in, see the beauty.

Gravity is purely authentic. We can’t create it, it can not be contrived, we can barely resist it. Stop resisting what isn’t going to change, but instead, let gravity’s force launch you.

Gravity is magnetic, and has more strength the bigger and closer we are to what is pulling us.

Gravity is a serious fact. The fact that you matter is serious.

Then, when we lean into our serious side, we create space for our playful side.

And…gravity makes rock climbing fun

 Emily has kept me working and studying! No more hobbling around.

Emily is skilled and intuitive in her body alignments, which have a lasting effect physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Snow shovelling day, time to see Emily!

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